Reactions to Shoplifters

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 83.66 per cent for Shoplifters.

Some of your comments:

  • Best yet: difficult to shake off the effect of this one.”
  • Slow, studied, totally absorbing. Extraordinary performances. A proper piece of cinematic artistry.”
  • “Beautiful: clever and sensitive exploration of the true nature of love and family.”
  • “Excellent film. Certainly made me think about different perspectives of right and wrong.”
  • “A very sensitive film, full of poignant moments.”
  • “Another enjoyable and poignant film. Thank you.”
  • “Fascinating depiction of Japanese culture re: what is meant by family.”
  • “An absorbing examination into family.”
  • “What makes a bad parent? What does not get seen within families?”
  • “Made you re-evaluate what you believe is right or wrong, good or bad. Beautifully filmed and acted.”
  • “Such and interesting insight!”
  • “Restored faith in humanity.”
  • “Softly, softly, sensational. Kore-eda at his wonderful work again.”
  • “Great director!”
  • “A moving and powerful story. A worthy award winner.”
  • “Wonderful! Masterful!”
  • “I was transfixed all the way through!”
  • “I loved this film. Totally immersed!”
  • “Got better and better!”
  • “Interesting film: happiness that became sadness.”
  • “Not what I was expecting but interesting.”
  • “Beautiful filming. Poignant. Slightly confusing at the end.”
  • “Fantastic acting by the two children.”
  • “My sort of film.”
  • “Hmm, not sure of that one.”
  • “Too much eating!”
  • “Well acted, but slow, too long. Quite an interesting storyline.”
  • “Went on a bit too long: shame about the children, but rather slow film.”
  • “Too slow for me.”
  • “Rather soporific.”
  • “Too slow. I wouldn’t recommend to a friend.”