Reactions to Still Life

A positive response to Still Life, which achieved an appreciation score of 87 per cent.

Among your responses:

  • “Brilliant: best so far this season. Light & dark: main character wonderfully played.”
  • “Heart rending. Good cast. One of your best choices.”
  • “Very poignant and sad but brilliant acting. Loved the twists at the end.”
  • “Huge film, beautifully observed.”
  • “Slow, methodical movie – just like the main character – with a shock, yet interesting ending.”

Two members asked for more “joyful, entertaining” and “happy” films.

Meanwhile, Full Circle, the student short film, received a creditable score of 71 per cent:

  • “One of the most poignant.”
  • “I could actually understand it.”
  • “Wonderful short became a poor ending.”
  • “Good beginning: end less so.”