Reactions to Suzanne

A slightly disappointing response to Suzanne last night, with an appreciation score of 73 per cent. Some comments:

  • “I love these films directed by women. Beautifully acted. Sad but true.”
  • “Brilliantly acted. Tense and frustrating to watch.”
  • “Challenging and thought provoking.”
  • “Heavenly and sublime. Thank you.”
  • “Sad but good depiction of families staying together no matter what.”
  • “Very French: an aspect/part of French life we don’t see often on film.”
  • “What a selfish woman.”
  • “Bit of an epic!”
  • “A bit dull in parts.”
  • “Too long.”
  • “Slow, slow, slow.”

Meanwhile, there were some words of praise for Idéar, the student film: “Best yet”; “Very enjoyable. Well filmed”; “Well acted”; “Thoughtful”.