Reactions to Sweet Country

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 79.19 per cent for Sweet Country.

Some of your comments:

  • “A visually captivating film. A reminder of how appallingly the native Australians were treated. A moving film.”
  • “Revealing account of racism in Australia.”
  • “Such a powerful piece. We need more films that show the brutality of British colonialism.”
  • “Shocking in many ways. Good for the filmmakers. Not proud of colonisation.”
  • “It really makes you feel ashamed of being white.”
  • “The aboriginal perspective was compelling.”
  • “A well acted story. The truth can now be told.”
  • “Fantastic film. Very authentic and moving. Made even more real by having no music. Gripping.”
  • “Gruelling, disturbing, distressing. Fantastic cinematography. These films need to be made.”
  • “Really represented the period extremely well.”
  • “Really good gritty movie – shame about the ending.”
  • “Riveting tale, great performances too. Fantastic photography.”
  • “Very thought-provoking. Great cinematography and great suspense.”
  • “Awesome, stunning, loved it.”
  • “Brutal but powerful.”
  • “A very sad reflection on racism and brutality of man.”
  • “Absorbing. Probably helps to have a basic understanding of Aboriginal culture.”
  • “As an Australian I can totally relate to the movie.”
  • “Fantastic pace and photography. Powerful characterisation.”
  • “Interesting film. Thanks for showing it.”
  • “Slow but compelling.”
  • “Slow but interesting. Thank you.”
  • “Too slow for first 75 per cent, but very well acted.”
  • “Very bleak.”
  • “Depressing.”
  • “Too much aggression and violence for me!”
  • “A little long but worthwhile if predictable.”
  • “The flashbacks and flash forwards were confusing and not required.”
  • “Great photography – indistinct dialogue – full subtitles would have helped.”
  • “Not the best subject but I am sure it showed things as they were.”
  • “Authentic but a bit slow.”
  • “Couldn’t hear much dialogue. Story poor anyway!”
  • “Beautifully photographed but slow, obvious message, linear plot artificially broken up.”
  • “I hated pretty much every minute of this film.”
  • “Awful.”