Reactions to System Crasher

The eighth film of our 76th season, System Crasher, was the last of those carried forward from last season and also the opening film of the inaugural session of CFS Online. The latter seems to have affected the attendance level, which was the lowest of the season to date, but it was just as well appreciated by those present as last year, garnering an overall appreciation score of 91.8%. Some of the comments received:

  • Beautifully acted and thoroughly absorbing. Well worth showing. Thank you. An excellent choice.
  • A beautifully shot and disturbing film, with first-rate acting from the cast, and an extraordinary performance from Helena Zengel. What to do with a child so deeply traumatised and desperate for emotional attachment which her mother can’t provide, and none of the professionals around her are allowed to give her? An extremely thought-provoking film.
  • Brilliantly acted by all the cast, portraying the hopelessness of the situation and the vulnerability of Benni very beautifully.
  • Well worth watching a second time, thanks for showing it again.
  • Absolutely riveting. The central performance was wonderful. I’ll recommend this film very highly.
  • A remarkable central performance in a remarkable film. Compassionate without being sentimental, kind and bravely cruel, intelligent and sensitive. Thank you.
  • Really engaging film which pulled you into the lives, emotions and events unfolding…
  • The best film of the season.
  • This film is 1) devastating, 2) gripping, 3) sobering, 4) shocking, 5) beautiful, 6) tragic, 7) heartbreaking and 8) moving. It is well made with great acting, camera work and direction. In case you are confused by the above, perhaps I should add that it is one of the very best films I have ever watched…..and I’ve seen a few!
  • Hard hitting, cute, sad, strong. There aren’t enough superlatives for the main characters performance. Incredible.
  • Excellent and gruelling. I’m always hoping for a happy ending or hope. What a performance by the young girl. I shed tears on one occasion. So real.
  • Wow! A film with a huge impact thanks largely to an astonishing performance by the main actor (‘Benni’). Maybe not an ‘enjoyable’ film and certainly not a ‘feel good’ film but it’s certainly a film I will remember and think about for a long time. One of the very best films I have seen at CFS in 12 years of viewing.
  • Amazing film, the time flew, heart rending and gripping. Brilliant actress.
  • Superb acting performances. A challenging and harrowing film – one that I wouldn’t want to see again.
  • A worthwhile film that showed, despite the best efforts of a dedicated few, the near hopeless plight of difficult children in society. The open end to Benni’s story was right – there was some cause for hope, but as we all know, the quality of life for a damaged child is often not good and this was reflected in the story.
  • An amazing performance from the main character which provoked conflicting emotions. An absorbing and disturbing film. Some of the ‘loud bits’ were extremely and ear-tinglingly loud!
  • Got more interesting half way through.
  • The subject of the film would have made more impact as a documentary. It left me wondering if the child actor received appropriate support for such a disturbingly demanding role!