Reactions to Tale of Tales

Sharply divided opinions led to an appreciation score of 71.6 per cent for the extraordinary Tale of Tales. 

Some thoughts:

  • “Weird, fantastical, beautiful… lots to think about and god knows what I’ll dream tonight!”
  • “Very Grimm, very magical. Loved it.”
  • “Excellent. Cinema as fairy story – and why not?”
  • “Brilliant. Makes you realise how mad folk tales are..”
  • “Visually very exciting. A strong cast and captivating stories.”
  • “Spellbinding. Luscious to look at. Did not want it to end!”
  • “What costumes! Highly unusual fantastical tales.”
  • “Quite fantastic. Full of surprises.”
  • “Disturbing. Beautiful filming.”
  • “Crazy and lovely. Super, super colours.”
  • “Wow! I’ve seen everything now! Thank you!”
  • “Bizarre – son of The Lobster – gripping!”
  • “Beautiful, brilliant, bizarre, bonkers.”
  • “Visually a feast. Weird and very wonderful.”
  • “Amazing scenery. Beautifully shot. The most stressful ‘fairy tale’ I’ve ever experienced.”
  • “Left me speechless. Quite extraordinary.”
  • “Very strange. It kind of grew on me in the end.”
  • “I don’t normally like fantasy, but this time… good.”
  • “Settings and costumes amazing, but what did it all mean?”
  • “Well, that was different!”
  • “Too long but oddly compelling.”
  • “Superb imagery, but not enough to make up for slow pace.”
  • “Great photography and costumes, rest awful.”
  • “Pretentious, ludicrous film.”
  • “Occasionally amusing rubbish.”
  • “Awful.”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t enjoy this fantasy.”