Reactions to The 400 Blows

An excellent score of 84.39 per cent for The 400 Blows, the first in our three-film Truffaut season.

Some comments:

  • “Brilliant! Best CFS film for a long time. A masterpiece.”
  • “Wonderful. Best film ever.”
  • “What a treat!”
  • “Not seen before – very glad I have now. Thank you!”
  • “I thought it was fascinating and felt so sorry for the boy.”
  • “Good choice of series by the same author.”
  • “Superb: what a fantastic young actor. The last shot of his face was mesmerising.”
  • “Great film. Wonderful 50s b&w, Paris, and poignant story.”
  • “Insightful and poignant.”
  • “Extraordinary acting, compelling.”
  • “Beautifully filmed, first class acting, atmosphere and content – and still happening 100 per cent.”
  • “Brilliant film in every way.”
  • “Wonderful!”
  • “Enchanting.”
  • “Nostalgic/realistic/touching.”
  • “Wonderful evocation of a lost age in Paris.”
  • “The scenes of the children’s faces in the puppet show were unforgettable.”
  • “A+++”
  • “Amazing first film. Leading child great.”
  • “Charming, humorous and gently mesmerising.”
  • “Dated and sometimes slow moving, but played with typical French understatement. Enjoyable.”
  • “Funny in parts – usual French stuff.”
  • “Bit tedious.”