CFS Online First Season – Reactions to The Best of Dorien B

Kim Snauwaert in The Best of Dorien B

The Best of Dorien B, one of the CFS Online films we showed before Christmas, was quite well liked, with an appreciation score of 75 per cent.

Some of your comments:

  • A balanced presentation of some very sensitive issues, with the humour helping to provide some lighter moments without diluting the key messages.
  • Like real life. Really excellent film. Kept me interested all the way through.
  • Well-observed, well-acted, poignant and funny.
  • Really enjoyed it, thank you, found the lead very sympathetic and the film a combination of amusing, quirky and moving.
  • A thoughtful, perceptive and unsentimental drama leavened with dark humour.
  • Lovely humour, interesting well delivered cameos. Breast scan made me wince!
  • Really enjoyed this film, thought the lead actress was particularly good. Thought provoking with a touch of humour.
  • I was expecting more of this film but found it rather dull on the whole and wasn’t really interested in the characters – Dorien was played rather too deadpan. I think the Belgians’ view of bizarre is probably different from mine!
  • A bit slow. Not a lot happened. But pleasant.
  • I found myself annoyed with everyone in this film especially Dorien so not an enjoyable watch.
  • Billed as a “comedy-drama” – I didn’t get the joke!
  • The lead actress was excellent, but overall the film didn’t really do it for me. Too unremittingly bleak for most of the running time; the rare comedic moments didn’t make up for the generally pervasive sourness of mood.