Reactions to The Blue Caftan

The Blue Caftan achieved an overall appreciation score of 82%. Many members found this beautiful, tender and compassionate; while a minority found it over long and predictable. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Absolutely loved it. It’s films like this that make me keep coming back to film club after 27 years! Beautiful, tender, compassionate, slow moving but never dull. So much happening emotionally but so restrained…great choice, thank you.
  • Incredibly poignant. Beautiful tailoring, wonderful expressions of love, acceptance by the wife of the husband, the tenderness with which he traced her mastectomy scar. Extraordinary!
  • A beautifully and very considered approach to the delicate issue of same sex relationships in a country that doesn’t recognise them. The acting was superb. The last scene so moving, without a word spoken, it said it all.
  • Beautiful, heartfelt. Captured the complexities of life and love perfectly. Things are rarely cut and dried, but it takes great storytelling and acting to show this type of situation and leave the viewer feeling empathetic rather than disdainful at the deceit.
  • Beautifully paced, some exquisite camera work of interiors that are superbly lit. A poignant heartfelt story of relationships and love. A really superb film.
  • Best film CFS has shown. It was well paced, gentle with a sympathetic unfolding of the story.
  • I found that the film had a very effective build up of emotion. The relationships between the main characters and their situations developed in a measured way and with little dialogue. The visual messages were there throughout; tensions within personal relationships and societal restrictions.
    The final scenes said it all. Very thought provoking.
  • Moving and well-acted, if a little “slow”. The direct translation of the French title is “The Blue of the Caftan”, which I think better reflects the film’s themes.
  • Very beautiful to look at and good storyline. 30 minutes too long.
  • Very tender film, close up camera angle added to the poignancy and characters’ emotions. Well acted. There was rather too much use of long, lingering sequences. These would have had more impact if used less.
  • A very beautiful and affecting film but too slow paced at times. I understand we were supposed to take in the peace and solitary nature of the sewing with time ticking by but I often think films would be so much better if they were only up to 100 mins long.
  • Rather slow and repetitive with what felt like amateurish hand held camera work which marred the essential charm of the subject.
  • A bit long which meant I got bored by the story.
  • Very slow moving and predictable in places. Didn’t think the chemistry between the characters rang true which was the essence of the film.
  • Predictable and needed a good editing – if it were 30 mins shorter it would have been good.
  • Watching how the garments were made was interesting. It was touching the way he looked after his dying wife. Otherwise a bit long winded and repetitive.
  • Oh dear I felt this could have been at least an hour shorter. There are only so many shots of a man walking down the road that one can enjoy. The wife was superbly played but far too many latent desire shots and as for the steam bath – gratuitous comes to mind.
  • The film was very predictable and the characters fell into stereotypes. The ending also was so cheesy. As a cinematographer I knew said – Good cinematography is when it blends into the film and doesn’t draw attention to itself. In this film it stuck out. It almost seemed like a tourism promotion video of Morocco.