Reactions to The Brand New Testament

The final film of our season, The Brand New Testament, was very well received. Its appreciation score was 88.24 per cent, the highest of the year after It Happened One Night.

Some comments:

  • “Fantastic season finale. Mad, hilarious. I want to watch it again!”
  • “Best of the season! Thank you.”
  • “Lovely way to end the season! Fun, quirky, thought provoking and loved it!”
  • “Clever, funny. Made me laugh.”
  • “Excellent. Laughed lots! Well done.”
  • “Funny, clever, surreal – good choice.”
  • “Hilarious. What imagination!”
  • “Utterly original and brilliant.”
  • “Wondrous, witty, original and fun.”
  • “How did anyone think up a film like that? Great fun.”
  • “Very life affirming.”
  • “Lot more of this.”
  • “Fab ending – women ruling the world. Not many nun films this season!”