Reactions to the double-bill

Our experimental double-bill this week seems to have been a success. A total of 310 members attended, and both films received healthy appreciation scores.

My Life As A Courgette achieved a score of 89.66 per cent and there were lots of appreciative comments:

  • “Loved this. Top three film for me.”
  • “A clever portrayal of children’s perception and understanding of complex lives.”
  • “Appropriately thought provoking. V. good.”
  • “Beautifully made film, poignant.”
  • “Bitter-sweet and moving.”
  • “Feel good film.”
  • “Very clever animation.”
  • “Amazing what a cartoon can achieve!”
  • “Touching and engrossing, and the cars were fabulous.”
  • “Charming, unusual and touching.”
  • “Magnifique!”
  • “Sensitive, emotive.”
  • “Two thumbs up!”
  • “Just loved it.”
  • “A+++”
  • “Interesting, slightly over-sentimental, lovely humour. Fascinating animation.”
  • “Interesting and different.”
  • “Poignant use of stop-motion media.”
  • “Not a big fan of animation but well done in its own way.”

The Party also fared well, with a score of 86.06 per cent.

Some comments:

  • “Funniest thing I’ve seen for a very long time.”
  • “The perfect twist. I didn’t see that coming.”
  • “Very entertaining, brilliant timing and tension building.”
  • “A brilliant swipe at all the lefty nonsense.”
  • “Terrific sign of our times!”
  • “Toe-curling hilarious.”
  • “So funny and witty!”
  • “Superb acting and suspense.”
  • “Really enjoyed it.”
  • “Clever story.”
  • “Great soundtrack.”
  • “Tremendous double bill.”
  • “A good contrast of two films! Thank you. Excellent cast.”
  • “Really enjoyed the two films + interval idea.”
  • “About time we enjoyed a Carry On film. Most enjoyable French farce.”
  • “Wonderfully overacted.”
  • “Terminal illness theme in bad taste!”
  • “Great cast raised a few laughs but a bit overdone.”
  • “Thought it was clever and funny but in fact it was tedious!”
  • “Poor photography and lighting.”
  • “Pretentious, annoying, completely unrealistic rubbish.”