Reactions to The Guilty

The Guilty was very well received. An overall appreciation score of 93.36 per cent puts it into the top 15 of the films we have shown in the last 20 years or so.

Some of your comments:

  • A clever idea and a good twist. I found it excellent. Thank you.
  • Great suspense and story line from such simple direction.
  • To keep people’s attention on one room and with pretty much one actor on a phone would be challenge. I thought it was brilliantly acted and written, suspenseful and gripping. Best film I’ve seen in a while! 
  • Well written with excellent ‘reveals’ and wonderful central performance.
  • Gripping, emotional, unexpected twist, made me think more about the challenging nature of the job of an emergency services person. 
  • Perhaps Asger and Iben marry and live happily together in the asylum with visits from Michael and Mathilde.
  • Superb, superb, superb.
  • Gripping film which was compelling from start to finish, with brilliant screenplay, sound and cinematography, with a mesmeric performance from Cerdegren.
  • Amazing to achieve so much with one scene! Fantastic plot twists!
  • Twists & turns in the film. He made assumptions all the time which proved to be wrong. Very well filmed. 
  • Very good indeed – one of the very best films CFS has ever shown. Demonstrates what can be achieved on what was probably a very small budget. Hollywood eat your heart out!
  • Despite unpromising set-up, a superb central performance and a completely engrossing development. Unseen plot twists were just masterful. 
  • One of the best films I’ve ever seen!
  • Excellent story, though hardly worth a film rather than an audio play.
  • Rather a harrowing film quite claustrophobic too.
  • A slow burning film featuring a brilliant solo performance by one actor.
  • Great little tense thriller. Not particularly cinematic I think I could have enjoyed it just as much watching it at home. The writing was its strength rather than its directing. Would be a good play.
  • Excellent performance by the lead actor but rather depressing film.
  • An interesting idea, but somewhat tedious to watch all the way through.
  • It did not work for me. The plot was completely implausible, and there were flaws in the direction. A junior maverick and impetuous policeman would not have been unsupervised. The office would have been a hive of activity. At the end of the shift few of the other officers (who had little to do) had changed.