Reactions to The Handmaiden

A very warm response to The Handmaiden, which kept people rapt for 144 minutes despite the inadequacies of the Bacon’s seating and achieved an appreciation score of 84.33 per cent. There was only one D and no Es.

Some comments:

  • “Love really is ‘all you need’. Best film this season.”
  • “Surprisingly entertaining, given child abuse, brutalised fingers and lots of rain. Lovely light touch and lots of twists and turns made this an excellent film.”
  • “Visually stunning, fabulous plot twists. Very sensual/erotic but beautiful.”
  • “Extraordinary. Did not expect it to be funny‚Ķ”
  • “Phenomenally good! Stunning cinematography.”
  • “A weird and wonderful film.”
  • “Wow! Fabulous twists and turns to the story.”
  • “Intriguing, clever plot. ‘Uncle’, darkly comical portrayal. Much enjoyed.”
  • “That’s more like it!”
  • “Highly original.”
  • “Amazing. Jack Vettriano comes to mind.|
  • “Most unusual and brilliantly filmed. Not many places would show that in spite of its brilliance.”
  • “Great film of its type but not for the Disney brigade.”
  • “Oliver Twist with a twist.”
  • “Hell’s Bells.”
  • “I’m afraid to comment. I might get into trouble.”
  • “Art or porn?”
  • “More like this please!”
  • “Twisted, clever, unexpected. How did they stop the octopus from escaping?”
  • “Good twists but too much Jade Gate.”
  • “Soft porn in Cheltenham? How refreshing. Needed an editor?”
  • “Well done. Seats at the Bacon not comfortable enough for such a long film.”
  • “Good story. Unnecessarily long. Predictably tedious sex scenes for the gratification of old men.”
  • “Not worthy of Film Society. Quite good plot twist but I don’t really want to watch soft porn.”
  • “Raised my feminist hackles.”