Reactions to The Heiresses

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 64.12 per cent for The Heiresses.

Some of your comments:

  • “A lovely, serene, immersive, warm film and I loved the rich, sombre colours of the photography.”
  • “Delightful, subtle and beautifully acted.”
  • “Enjoyed the journey, showing different communities and relationships.”
  • “Wonderful insight into Paraguayan women’s prisons. Full of subtlety.”
  • “As an older lesbian myself it is good to finally see some representation on the screen. A touching film.”
  • “Delicious moments of fleeting sensitivity and emotion.”
  • “A great film.”
  • “Very good, if there was that category. But better than good.”
  • “Great atmospheric film. Very sensitive treatment of desire, loss and pain. Glad Popee left!”
  • “Great study of inner turmoil. So much hinted at by great acting by Chela.”
  • “Beautifully observed and not too long for its subject matter.”
  • “Best Paraguayan movie I have ever seen.”
  • “Gentle and poignant.”
  • “Rather slow but lovely.”
  • “A nice story.”
  • “Dour but pleasantly intriguing.”
  • “Needed a change of pace: fairly dark throughout. Acting was excellent.”
  • “Wonderful lead actor.”
  • “Slow start but I got drawn in to the characters. Good choice.”
  • “Slow! I like the idea of making up our own ending.”
  • “A bit boring.”
  • “The close-in camera work was a little tiring. Very interesting though!”
  • “Good start, weak finish.”
  • “Found it slow to the point I lost interest, especially in the main character.”
  • “I think that it lost in translation: a bit too slow.”
  • “What was this film about?”
  • “Too slow, even for me.”
  • “Stultifying.”
  • “Boring.”
  • “Disappointing.”
  • “Dreadful! Pointless, meaningless. Waste of time!”