Reactions to The Innocents

The Innocents, the fourteenth film of our 77th season achieved an overall appreciation score of 67%. Many members found this compelling and a refreshing change while others found the film too disturbing and violent.  Some of the comments submitted:

  • A wonderful film. Well done to CFS for showing it. Brilliant acting by the young cast and especially the girl playing Ana. The tension was slowly built up as the awful dilemma facing the children gradually became clear. What to do when young innocents cannot rely on their parents?
  • Cronenberg’s Scanners for school kids. Could not believe a bunch of children could turn in such a superb set of chillingly brilliant performances.
  • I thought it was an excellent film – very well done but also very disturbing and difficult to watch at times. Not sure it’s a film I’d recommend to everyone!
  • It was compelling and held my attention throughout with a powerful and satisfying ending. The film had echoes of the Midwich Cuckoos and Chrysalids by John Wyndham in that the story centred around children albeit rather more violently. Great acting from the youngsters.
  • Uncomfortable but intriguing viewing! Great to have this movie choice in terms of variety of storyline and unpredictability, although also at times unsettling.
  • The filming, directing, and acting were all beautiful, without pretence. I was spell bound and came out of the film so glad I had seen it and I am sure it will stay with me. Thank you again to CFS.
  • Pretty unsettling! Well worth watching though!
  • Kept my attention throughout though far from pleasant viewing,
  • A refreshing and unusual change.
  • Interesting, disturbing and compelling.
  • Difficult to watch because of the cruelty of the boy.
  • Very interesting concept. Very scary!
  • It was quite disturbing and graphic – still having nightmares about the cat!
  • Found the film unnecessarily violent.
  • Not my genre of film. Would prefer more uplifting films.
  • Imaginative but pedestrian.
  • The children were extraordinary and the performances were really intense and engaging. However, the horror was over the top and really unsubtle. It could have been so much better with less horror and would have been less exploitative of the youngsters.
  • Unimpressed, rather artificial and unconvincing.