Reactions to The Lobster

A negative response to The Lobster, which received an appreciation score of 49.04 per cent. That puts it in the bottom five of the films we have shown since the 1980s. And yet it has been nominated for an Oscar this year in the Best Original Script category.

Some comments:

  • “Weird but wonderful, dystopian yet poignant”
  • “Bonkers but entertaining”
  • “Disturbing but excellent”
  • “Well done – good to be challenged out of our comfort zone by something so original and unexpected!”
  • “Wonderfully weird and baffling but cool”
  • “Out of my comfort zone!”
  • “Quite the most disturbing movie yet. Almost left the auditorium! Grim scenario”
  • “Gruesome without sufficient justification”
  • “118 minutes too long”
  • “Disgusting film, boring, unnecessary sex and not at all funny”
  • “Too disturbing. Hated it”
  • “Impossible to rate! A new experience but not sure I understand the moral of the story”