Reactions to The Lodger + Minima

A rapturous response to our first film + music evening last night. The appreciation score was 85.19 per cent although we suspect some of the high marks were for the brilliant Minima rather than for Mr Hitchcock and Mr Novello.

Just a few of the comments:

  • “Outstanding evening! Thank you so much for bringing this here!”
  • “Really special. A delight.”
  • “A treat! Loved the film and music. The master of suspense…”
  • “Clear indications of his use of symbolism and stereotype with excellent comedy and plenty of OTT acting – especially Novello!”
  • “Ahead of its time – surprisingly modern. Extremely good, subtle, unobtrusive accompaniment.”
  • “Film had amazing detail and sophistication for b&w silent.”
  • “So different and a welcome addition to the programme. Was fascinated by the musicians and loved their interpretation!”
  • “Excellent experience – the band were magnificent. Marvellous!”
  • “Minima were brilliant authentic accompaniment to an excellent film.”
  • “The musicians deserve a medal!”
  • “A+ even better than A. Please come back each season!!!”
  • “Film made all the better with excellent music with the band.”
  • “Loved the live music. Film wasn’t great but still fascinating in historical context.”

cameoIf anyone is wondering, the first cameo appearance by Hitchcock came in the newspaper office, five minutes in. He is on the telephone facing the window. Difficult to spot, because he has hair and has not yet reached his famous girth.



Many thanks to everyone who supported this experiment. We will certainly look into doing it again before too long.