Reactions to The Other Side of Hope

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 80.71 per cent for The Other Side of Hope.

Some of your comments:

  • “A subtle blend of humour and politics with an extremely powerful ending. Telling!”
  • “A true mix of dark and light, cruel and kind. Brilliant.”
  • “A serious topic handled so sensitively and touchingly, with humour. Lovely.”
  • “The right balance of humour and pathos (unlike some recent films at CFS!)”
  • “Very nicely balanced – humorous but a naturalistic balance.”
  • “Again – shining a light on current problems. Gentle but effective. Casting, acting, cinematography, all +++”
  • “A quirky and touching take on the refugee situation.”
  • “Topical, bittersweet, heartwarming.”
  • “Refreshingly different.”
  • “Excellent Finnish humour.”
  •  “Music provided respite when needed. Beautifully filmed and acted.”
  • “Enjoyable offbeat black comedy! Very good.”
  • “Odd but enjoyable.”
  • “Quirky and amusing but with little really to say about refugees and their reception.”
  • “Good insight into the plight of refugees and the unfair system, but slow moving.”
  • “Not sure what I think. Enjoyed lots, lots was very poignant, but quite disjointed and strange end.”
  • “Disjointed and stilted.”
  • “Few moments of warmth.”

The short film, Homeland, was less well received. It achieved a score of 57.56 per cent.

  • “So relevant to today.”
  • “So apposite at this point in time. Wished it was longer.”
  • “Pleasant juxtaposition and irony.”
  • “Depressing.”
  • “Did not seem to reach a conclusion. It seemed unfinished.”
  • “Appalling.”
  • “Not short enough.”