Reactions to The Perfect Candidate

Shown as part of our 2020/2021 Cheltenham Playhouse season.

An appreciation score of 81.85 per cent for The Perfect Candidate.

Some of your comments:

  • Perfect choice for the pre-Xmas film – not ‘grim’ but equally not too light, giving great insights to some of the appallingly backward aspects of Saudi society.
  • Brilliant
  • I really enjoyed this film, Lots of revealing stuff about Saudi life and repression.
  • Such a sweet film!
  • A winner for me – gentle but insistent.
  • Very thought provoking. The women of that country are beginning to be, in a small way, shown recognition.
  • Brilliant film, educational and inspiring – just what we want from CFS!
  • A heart warming and good humoured film showing a lighter side to life in Saudi Arabia, Is is realistic however?
  • A very interesting film. It was good to see how the people live there. Male dominated and very difficult for the women to achieve anything other than being a wife and mother! Lovely music & acting. We enjoyed it.
  • Another interesting film about a determined young woman from the maker of ‘Wadjda’. Set and filmed in Saudi Arabia, it has been released in many different countries, but (unsurprisingly) not in Saudi Arabia itself. Well acted by the lead character and her sisters, it reminded me a little of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, with the father as a long-suffering Mr Bennett, who is so proud of his daughters. I also enjoyed the music.
  • Interesting to learn more about gender discrimination in Saudi Arabia and interesting that a film like this can be made there.
  • Enjoyed it. Nice that it wasn’t too traumatic/violent!
  • A really great film for CFS to show. Such a fascinating subject giving us a window into a culture that remains so strange to us.
  • More interesting than entertaining for its insights into Saudi society and a depressingly repressive regime. Very naive overall tenor including the pedestrian pace of it.
  • I found it a little ‘stage managed’ and therefore predictable, to make a point. Nice father – daughter relationship interplay.
  • Interesting viewing (mainly cultural) but a bit too slow.
  • An interesting, albeit sanitised insight into Saudi life from a woman’s perspective. Unlikely to be controversial but the ending was a tad schmaltzy.