Reactions to The Second Mother

A warm response to last night’s film, The Second Mother, which received an appreciation score of 83.29 per cent. Some comments:

  • “Very enjoyable. A good story and convincingly worked through.”
  • “Very good, with stories and emotions at different level.”
  • “Script worthy of Pinter: excellent!”
  • “Fabulous acting: feel-good film.”
  • “Loved Val, very well acted.”
  • “Warm and engaging. Great fun.”
  • “Bit gentle but loved the Brazilian setting.”
  • “Lovely, endearing but slow in places.”

The student film, Milton, did not fare so well, with a score of 57.87 per cent.

  • “Promising with interesting social comment.”
  • “Very impressive.”
  • “Interesting idea.”
  • “Well acted. Weird ending.”
  • “Didn’t understand the story but good photography.”
  • “What was that?”