Reactions to The Third Murder

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 70.77 per cent for The Third Murder.

Some of your comments:

  • “Best this year.”
  • “Really interesting procedural crime drama. Really makes you think.”
  • “A fascinating puzzle of truth, motive, justice, society.”
  • “A complex investigation into the nature of truth.”
  • “Gripping, thoughtful and enigmatic.”
  • “Undoubtedly the most enigmatic/perplexing/moving film ever seen.”
  • “Amazing filming, capturing all the emotion.”
  • “Powerful story, well told and acted.”
  • “Masterful. Just about worked it out in the end.”
  • “Observed and acted with subtlety. Well filmed.”
  • “Beautiful in many ways. Thoughtful and restrained.”
  • “A thoughtful, well paced and moving film.”
  • “Plot a little contrived but challenging and thought-provoking. Very well acted throughout.”
  • “Great cinematography, especially the interview cell. Overall good but ultimately flawed.”
  • “Best film for a few weeks. Very haunting discussion of guilt and can murderers be good people.”
  • “An intriguing unravelling – or was it?”
  • “Very slow at times but enjoyable with great intrigue and a sustained climax.”
  • “Fascinating but its slowness was both a strength and a weakness.”
  • “Slow – but intriguing in parts.”
  • “Complex film, overly long.”
  • “It was too slow and in danger of becoming tedious. Otherwise good.”
  • “Difficult to follow.”
  • “Too slow moving. Could have been told in 90 minutes. Super music and great acting from defendant, though.”
  • “A very slow burner requiring more concentration than I was able to give it.”
  • “Hard work! Every line of dialogue followed by interminable pause.”
  • “Very slow moving. Nearly fell asleep then wondered if I’d missed something vital as I could not make sense of it.”
  • “Boring, too long.”
  • “Surprisingly un-nuanced, almost clunky. Japanese legal system seems very unsophisticated. Over long.”
  • “Rather tedious, drawn out and over-acted. My least favourite of the season so far.”