Reactions to The Truth

The Truth, Koreeda’s first film set outside Japan and not in his native language proved to not be to the taste of some of our members It scored only 8 As and 6 Es (the previous five films having averaged nearly 50 As each and scoring just a single E between them), with an overall appreciation rating of just 62.7%. Some of the comments received:

  • Acting was superb. Was never quite sure what was going on but enjoyed it nonetheless and music was moving. Found it emotional painful but lovely at the same time.
  • Loved seeing these two leading female actors give such strong performances. The film had humour and pathos, really excellent. The young girl was also superb, so natural!
  • Lovely idea, beautifully unpacked.
  • Interesting blend of Japanese, French and American sensibilities – the first two being to the fore with the ‘nothing happens, everything happens’ approach to narrative. Catherine Deneuve as enigmatic as ever, wonderful child lead and great multilingual performances from the other two leads.
  • I really liked the film, the stellar cast and the cinematography. But I found the story a bit odd at times as. Saying that I would recommend it.
  • Quite a poignant film. Great script, super acting. And why we keep coming to CFS, rather than the Hollywood pap.
  • A sweet film and very clever use of truth and scripting. It’s so hard to score films against each other when they are all different! Don’t interpret a less than perfect 5 as a reason not to show films like this.
  • A family affair – with most of them bordering on the dysfunctional!
  • The plot seemed rather vague at times and could be hard to follow. However this was compensated by excellent acting by Catherine Deneuve and Juliette Binoche.
  • Well-acted but inconsequential.
  • Couldn’t get into this film which was rather long and tedious.
  • Stylish but not that gripping.
  • Art for art’s sake. Pretentious and dull.
  • Only good for sending one to sleep.
  • Boring. Exceptionally boring.