Reactions to The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World achieved an overall appreciation score of 74%. Many members found this challenging and enjoyable; while others could not relate to the main character and found the film overly long. Some of the comments submitted:

  • A really challenging film. A very charismatic lead, but complex psychology, causing havoc for everyone else!
  • A stand out film, which has been well worth a second viewing (for me). Fantastic performances from Julie and Axel. The poignancy of their final conversations, could not fail to hit you. “I don’t want to be a memory in your head!” “I have no future only a past” or words to that effect…..I thought the section of suspended animation, while Julie explores her desires was particularly clever. Certainly deserving of the awards at the Cannes Festival. A brilliant addition to an excellent season’s viewings.
  • It reminded me strongly of Annie Hall. The frozen action sequence was particularly well done. Reinsve, Danielsen Lie and Nordrum were all very good. All in all an excellent evening.
  • Great lead performance. Absorbing coming of age narrative with some innovative cinematography. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it.
  • Good plot, great acting, imaginative cinematography (especially the frozen time scene).
  • Beautifully and sensitively acted. Strangely uplifting despite the gritty life challenges.
  • A little predictable the story line. But we’ll acted.
  • The main character was a bit irritating, there didn’t seem to be much plot to the film.
  • Very entertaining but not crazy about the ‘chapter’ format which made it feel disjointed.
  • Beautifully filmed, and great acting. I became slightly irritated by her attitude to life and love and felt the ending was abrupt.
  • Well acted , almost like living in real time with existing players. Oslo views and photography extremely well shot and pleasant. Some unnecessary intimate shots downgraded the experience however.
  • I found the film a little odd/unusual. It was good but not one I would watch again.
  • Too long, under edited. A film as self-obsessed as its central character, who was so superficial and un-engaging as to make the film more like a documentary.
  • Visually attractive with unattractive characters. Well acted. Too long. A male perspective presenting a distorted view of young womanhood.
  • I found the main character superficial and the storyline lacked depth – it needed to engage me earlier on and took just too long to ‘get there’. It failed to demonstrate the skill of conveying the story of developing maturity while still holding the attention of the viewer long enough through the initial stages. After 80 minutes I had had enough.
  • Too many sex scenes not enough substance to the story. I thought it was going to be funny but it was quite depressing.
  • A caricature of the chattering classes. Pretentious tosh.
  • Worst film in the world. Self-indulgent, boring and far too long.