Reactions to Theeb

Just about 300 people attended the first night of the 2016/17 season. The film, Theeb, was enthusiastically received. It scored 82 per cent on our appreciation index and attracted some very positive comments:

  • “Brilliant start to the season! Wonderful! Gold standard!”
  • “Compelling debut from the director.”
  • “Exceptional insight into a different way of life.”
  • “Fabulous scenery, interesting plot.”
  • “A couscous Western? But great atmosphere.”
  • “Wonderful from the first instant.”
  • “Really good choice.”
  • “Atmospheric. It’s my first time, so it was a pleasure to have a quiet audience and a large screen.”
  • “Super colours, scenery. Most interesting cinematography.”

On the other side, a few members found the film a little slow and overlong and one found it harrowing, while praising the young lead actor.

We hope everyone enjoyed the wine & cheese after the film. The next one follows our pre-Christmas film on 13 December.