Reactions to Timbuktu

A warm response to Timbuktu, with an appreciation score of 86.32 per cent, the second highest score of the season after It Happened One Night. Some comments:

  • “Superb. An excellent choice: films like this that reveal other cultures with such sensitivity are the strengths of CFS.”
  • “Just what the Film Soc should be showing. Good, important, beautiful and shocking.”
  • “Certainly one of the best of the season. V. filmic. Visual delight.
  • “Very brave to make this film, and we are lucky to see it. I doubt any main cinema would dare show it.”
  • “Excellent, if hard to comprehend the world view.”
  • “Beautiful and very effective for restrained use of violence.”
  • “Such a sad subject but beautifully told.”
  • “Beautifully filmed but very distressing. Loved the ‘football game’ and the witch lady.”
  • “Excellent except ending rather unclear.”
  • “Let down by the unclear ending.”
  • “Subtitles often too rapid and poorly displayed.”