Reactions to Truman

Despite the icy conditions, a very warm response to Truman last night, with an appreciation score of 92.4 per cent.

Some of your comments:

  • “The best of the season. Sensitive, pared-down and thought-provoking.”
  • “Great film to finish on – great relationships.”
  • “Another fantastic choice!”
  • “Another fabulous film. Poignant and witty!”
  • “A warm, feel-good film. Beautifully paced: touching and charming.”
  • “Sad, wry and comical. Difficult to be all three but they managed it.”
  • “Restrained themselves from milking the sad parts, which made it all the more impactful.”
  • “An excellent treatment of a difficult subject.”
  • “Taboo subject brilliantly handled.”
  • “Great film finding the humour in a bleak situation.”
  • “Wonderful film / great photography / great acting / uplifting story.”
  • “Ricardo Darin fantastic, and wonderful film.”
  • “A beautiful film. Well acted! I almost cried.”
  • “Phenomenal! What friendship is all about.”
  • “So moving and lovely – very sad!”
  • “Greatly enjoyed this film.”
  • “Great acting but too sad for Christmas.”