Reactions to Two Of Us

Two of Us, the seventh film of our 77th season achieved an overall appreciation score of 82%, there was appreciation for the film’s depiction of a modern relationship with an uplifting ending, but some criticism of the credibility of the film characters and the plot being over sentimental. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Really good to have a film that can be enjoyed for its story, acting and photography.
  • What a wonderful fill, really really enjoyed this charming story. Brilliantly directed, shot and acted. What a gem.
  • Enjoyed the film very much. Finally, a film with an uplifting ending – something I would like to see more of in the CFS films picked.
  • Dealt with a modern relationship in an excellent way. Well-acted and good storyline. Quite emotional.
  • Sensitive, romantic, sad, funny and wonderful.
  • A complex, not always easy film, with outstanding acting in the central roles. A little claustrophobic in parts, tough in others, but balanced by rather lovely dreamlike glimpses of earlier scenes in characters’ lives. The generational theme was beautifully handled. And the tender love between the two women – don’t we all wish that we had had something like that in our lives?
  • A touching film with excellent acting. Good to see older women depicted in a loving, sexual relationship.
  • Moving, uplifting, sad, brave, honest.
  • Nicely filmed. Perhaps trying to cover too many issues, and a few loose threads to boot.
  • Very well acted, sensitively thought-out screenplay. Ultimately kind of tragic in overall tone: reinforced by the ambiguous ending. The inevitable CFS focus on contemporary ‘serious issues’ – next week’s film also.
  • True love and friendship explored in this film. Touching and subtle acting performances. A satisfactory outcome!
  • The French are masters of the long pause & stare but it gets a bit tedious. The characters of the daughter & son were not well established.
  • My first film since joining the CFS. Glad I chose this one. (I’ve been told that CFS often has depressing films.) An unusual topic for a film. Well handled, and fairly positive in its ending.
  • An interesting variation of girl-on-girl action. I hadn’t realised that some French people (Madoline’s children) could be narrow minded with regards to sexuality matters.
  • Some important issues covered in the film but plot twists e.g., the irregular and at time malign contact of the Nina character with the other characters reduced the believability of the overall film.
  • Rather sentimental and one-dimensional with unlikely plotting at times.
  • Couldn’t suspend my belief enough to find the characters remotely credible.
  • Another queer film where the essential story hinges on not being able to reveal the truth – clever idea that never quite delivered what it promised.