Reactions to Under The Tree

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 74.66 per cent for Under The Tree.

Some of the comments:

  • “Very dark but hugely entertaining.”
  • “Entertainment from start to end.”
  • “It’s hard to beat the Icelanders for really good violence.”
  • “Icelandic humour at its best.”
  • “Loved the dark humour.”
  • “As black as they come!”
  • “Black, black, dark, dark – and funny!”
  • “Very funny. Did not look at violent part.”
  • “Seriously fun.”
  • “Enthralling!”
  • “Great finale.”
  • “Oh my goodness!”
  • “Hilarious, sad, thoughtful.”
  • “Great film, albeit some dark comedy moments. Interesting female/male perspectives. Good end of season film.”
  • “Well shot tragi-comedy. Just shows how neighbourly disputes can get out of hand!”
  • “The blackest of black films, very watchable but hardly a feelgood film – kept thinking the main characters needed therapy!”
  • “Won’t be moving to Iceland anytime soon!”
  • “The ending a bit too dark for a black comedy.”
  • “Couldn’t help but laugh but wouldn’t say I enjoyed it.”
  • “Funny in parts but predictable.”
  • “Weird! Unsuitable for dog lovers!”
  • “Grim ending. Would have been nice to finish season with something uplifting.”
  • “Bleak, need to finish season with more upbeat film.”
  • “Started off ok but then got so bizarre to become boring!”
  • “Not in the remotest comedy not even black just miserable.”

The short film, Aquae Sulis, received some praise but only achieved a score of 58.46 per cent.

  • “Great photography. Loved the French storyline and commentary.”
  • “Beautifully filmed. Loved the music.”
  • “Very beautiful.”
  • “I really enjoyed it.”
  • “Nice little film.”
  • “Didn’t really understand it.”
  • “Interesting.”
  • “Very much a student film: weak acting and locations.”
  • “Didn’t work for me. Loved the music.”
  • “Not keen on the soft focus sentimental twinge.”
  • “Really could not get it! So many floors.”
  • “Didn’t really make sense to me.”
  • “Pretentious.”
  • “Contrived and pretentious.”
  • “Saved by Holst!”