Reactions to Vagabond

The film Vagabond was received positively with a score of 76.61.
Some of your reactions:

  • “Great film. Unsentimental expose of French attitudes and vagrancy in the 1980s.”
  • “A story for our time and our streets.”
  • “Quite remarkable. Very clever photography.”
  • “ Thought provoking – I liked the lack of back story for Mona.”
  • “A tough subject.”
  • “Was very sad.”
  • “Vachement chouette!”
  • “ Very ‘noir’. Bleak. Interesting struc ture.”
  • “Interesting perspective on the human condition but I struggled with her lack of respect or gratitude.”
  • “Excellent but Mona’s decline too painful.”
  • “Freedom? I don’t think so! Quite sad.”