Reactions to Wajib

Shown as part of our 2019/2020 season.

An appreciation score of 83.76 per cent for Wajib.

Some of your comments:

  • “A wonderfully observed and paced view of Palestinians in Israel.”
  • “Wonderful insight into Palestinian life.”
  • “Liked the family tensions played against the backdrop of Palestinian problem.”
  • “Could have been set anywhere. It’s about family relationships, not Palestine.”
  • “A super film. I loved being in their Nazareth life.”
  • “Great, funny, with social and political comment.”
  • “Tremendous cultural insight along with some nice touches of humour.”
  • “Real eye opener re: living under occupation. Touching and amusing Dad/son exploration.”
  • “What a wonderful way to connect with your father and understand each other more.”
  • “A good film like this really lets one into other people’s lives.”
  • “Very funny, typical families.”
  • “Great to watch films that rely on characters and scripts.”
  • “Bloody brilliant! Nuanced, intelligent, so much to discuss.”
  • “Appreciated the multi-layered film.”
  • “Completely believable throughout.”
  • “Great study of intergenerational conflict. Subtle and funny too. Enjoyable film and interesting location.”
  • “I think I liked this! Not much of a plot, but really interesting view of Palestinian life.”
  • “Poignant, very enjoyable. Good choice.”
  • “Works on many levels.”
  • “Good but a bit slow.”
  • “A little bit repetitive!”
  • “Entertaining. Quite funny at times. Quite moving at other times.”
  • “Started off really well but just too repetitive and boring. Wanted to walk out half way through.”
  • “Tedious, slow, barely funny and insightless waste of time.”