Reactions to Wheel of Fortune & Fantasy

Wheel of Fortune & Fantasy, the sixteenth film of our 77th season achieved an overall appreciation score of 68%. Many members found this entertaining and a refreshing change while others found the film dull and slow.  Some of the comments submitted:

  • Really enjoyed this! Great storylines, great acting. A real pleasure!
  • Anthologies can be tricky as quality can vary, and indeed the second episode resonated less with me than the other two. They all have some painfully awkward scenes, but the awkwardness of that second episode was like nails on chalkboard. Not necessarily a criticism as I think that was the intended effect.
  • An exquisite film – beautifully acted, sensitive, thoughtful, intriguing- a real gem. Some films this season have been troubling and difficult to watch – this film has been a welcome change..
  • Probably the best film of this season. Had some of the feel of a European film but with a certain characteristic Japanese ‘otherness’ in its exploration of personal relations and their unintended / unexpected consequences. Less didactic than some recent CFS selections but none the worse for that (quite the contrary, in fact).
  • Very interesting stories, likeable characters; enjoyable to see a Japanese film for a change.
  • Excellent film (s) exploring chance, coincidence and fate. The dialogue was quick, sharp and entertaining. Great.
  • Weird but intriguing. Held my attention.
  • Good as a set. I’d love to know to what extent they represented ’normal’ Japanese relationships!
  • A witty and elegant insight into the human condition. Quite hard work at times, but a warm and moving film.
  • Each story contained surprises. Well acted, good dialogue. Intriguing.
  • At last a film to entertain rather than to provoke thought.
  • I was glad it was three different films and not one long film in a similar vein as this provided slightly more interest. That said they were thoughtful and made me consider the themes of coincidence and chance encounters.
  • Rather dialogue heavy and dull.
  • Reasonable movie which provoked some thought and with interesting dialogue. Unfortunately just more of the same docu-drama theme of many this season..
  • Dull, duller, the dullest. Though not necessarily in that order.
  • What was this film about? Slow, navel gazing. Not either enjoyable or entertaining.
  • I am unsure why we continually need a sexual context in the films .. is this for shock tactic as quite frankly it’s boring.
  • I didn’t find anything redeeming in any of the three stories, the acting, the plots, or the cinematography.