Reactions to Wild Men

Wild Men, the eleventh film of our 77th season achieved an overall appreciation score of 86%. Mostly positive comments from members who loved the dark humour but some found the film too violent in places.  Some of the comments submitted:

  • The last film was one of only two CFS films I haven’t enjoyed. This was probably the best! Great script, acting, full mix of emotions. An absolute cracker! If there are more in this vein, that would be fantastic!
  • Hilarious, absurdist black comedy that had a serious message, too. Great acting in an amazing landscape. And the rabbit arriving over the ridge as the credits rolled was perfect!
  • Glorious. Depth and complexity and humour in a sophisticated yet simple blend.
  • On the surface a formulaic film but brilliantly acted. Beyond the formula and the obvious theme of a crisis in masculinity it conveyed how far removed humanity has become from its relationship with the natural world – which was so beautifully photographed in its awesome majesty of mountains and fjords dwarfing the humans on screen. A brilliant comedic metaphor at the end with dry rolls wrapped in oceans of cling film- food for thought.
  • An excellent, amusing and engaging film, well made and acted. It kept me engaged to the end.
  • A very interesting way of dealing with relationships and how difficult it can be to deal with the stress caused not just by the midlife crisis but other situations too. A lesson in bearing in mind the consequences of actions taken with self preservation at the heart of it. A tricky subject dealt with cleverly and at times funnily. A cast of strong character actors made for a very enjoyable film.
  • Finally, a movie selected with a storyline!! Nicely paced comedy thriller with great characters and twists along the way. Enjoyed it – more of the same please.
  • Some funny moments but too much graphic violence for my taste.
  • A witty, yet poignant film, with some gruesome seat twitching moments! A great watch and great night out.
  • A bit gruesome but good fun and amazing scenery. Came with two guests who enjoyed it immensely, one commented “wonderful!”
  • I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much, as I was expecting mostly a ‘man’s’ film. I found that the narrative concerning the other drug smugglers was predictable and not really in keeping with the more interesting aspects of the film. Still, my overall reaction was most definitely positive. Some great laughs too! I can’t remember the last time members of Chelt Film Soc laughed out loud!!
  • Humour, poignancy, violence all in one film!
  • Amusing in parts. A good observation of the male menopause – totally self absorbed with himself, oblivious to his family. Loved the ending.
  • Light-hearted zany humour, an entertaining action plot, and likeable characters, especially the old police officer. What’s not to like?
  • Lovely film about Martin & Musa who met in the wilderness whilst escaping from their respective daily lives. Their chance meeting offers support that is needed from each other. Poignant, touching and funny in parts. Cinematography was a bit off in parts as Martin jogged through the trees. Also off when the couple were driving and you only saw him not the pregnant wife. Overall an enjoyable film.
  • At times rather clumsy and obvious but with its heart in the right place. Given the unsubtle premise it actually managed some rather sensitive and amusing moments and some endearing characterisations: Musa and the ageing policeman – and the Norwegian landscape – stole the show. Comedy at times ham-fisted and built entirely upon violent collisions of cultures, emotions and moralities. Perhaps some subtleties lost in translation?
  • Enjoyed the film apart from the gory bits i.e. stitching up the injured leg.