Reactions to Woman at War

Our second film in our temporary home, Woman at War, received an appreciation score of 91.67 per cent, putting it in the top 30 of the films we have shown in the last 20 years.

Some of your comments:

  • “Another great Icelandic film.”
  • “Quirky but with a message, great lead actress.”
  • “Really interesting filming/music inclusion and fabulous scenery, an excellent story line and very unusual.”
  • “Now I want to go to Iceland ! Beautiful scenery.”
  • “Great female role model. Wonderful bizarre bits!”
  • “A lovely film, quite a parable for our time.”
  • “This was a little gem. More of the same please!”
  • “Superb – loved the humour and the way the music was integrated into the film. Very beautifully filmed.”
  • “A brilliant film. Its twists and turns to achieve her beliefs with such strength and endurance were frankly amazing.”
  • “The film succeeded in being beautiful, poignant and funny all at the same time.”
  • “I was totally gripped and found myself hiding under a lime tree on my way home as a plane flew overhead. A few minutes later I was reassured by the sound of a drummer practising in a nearby house.”
  • “Entertaining but the arty inclusion of a three piece band was baffling, although the musical accompaniment was of high quality. Not surprising she was angry with that band following her around.”
  • “Very much enjoyed the film, and I loved the accompanying on-screen musicians.”
  • “The best movie since I became a member one year ago!! Just brilliant in every sense, incredibile!!!”
  • “Mesmerising performance by lead actress, wonderful scenery, interesting story and I loved the musicians and singers popping up in unlikely places!”
  • “Interesting but strange. Ends very suddenly.”

There were also many positive comments about the arrangements at the Playhouse:

  • “Very safe again.”
  • “Well organised but expecting better ventilation.”
  • “Excellent again. I’m enjoying the Playhouse and it is very well organised.”
  • “Far easier than I expected. Also loved the playhouse as a venue. Would love to continue meeting there when things return to normal – maybe would mean that the society could allow more members with 2 venues?”
  • “Brilliant, very comfortable, lovely setting.”
  • “More relaxed and comfortable comfortable than I had anticipated.”
  • “I was very impressed with the presentation, and the arrangements from entry to exit. I actually preferred the Playhouse seating and the venue’s location.”
  • “I think the new venue and security arrangements are working extremely well. I feel quite safe and my enjoyment of the films is unimpaired by the virus.”
  • “Didn’t realise we would have to wear masks as well as social distance, but hey ho!”
  • “Safer than going to a supermarket.”