Reactions to Women Talking

Women Talking achieved an overall appreciation score of 75.2%. Most members found this excellent, gripping and thought provoking; while a minority found it lacked credibility. Some of the comments submitted:

  • Beautifully filmed, beautifully acted and a difficult story gently told.
  • Gripping from start to finish. Definitely up there as one of the best I’ve seen at CFS.
  • I enjoyed the nuanced debate between the women and the dilemmas faced; the issues are still prescient today!
  • So thought provoking. Beautifully done, both visually and with the content. Amazing acting. A wonderful film.
  • Dark subject matter sensitively depicted with a great script, all brought together by a wonderful cast of great actors (including the girls). Quiet and theatrical, but powerful.
  • Very profound film, but more for the content than the cinematic aspects. Not clear why it was shifted from the original Bolivia to USA (two very different societies). I guess that the various diverse Anabaptist communities out there would be concerned that audiences might think this was typical of their communities?
  • Another film where you learn about the traumas of domestic violence without having to witness it. The characterisation of the women was very realistic and shooting the film in the barn said a thousand words about their world.
  • A disturbing film demonstrating the power men exert over women and how male dominated societies condone violence and discrimination directed at women. Well done CFS for showing this film.
  • Though provoking conversations but ending felt contrived.
  • I had mixed feelings about this film. Though based on events in the Mennonite colony in Bolivia this was never really made clear. I understand the director wanted to focus on the issues faced by women globally but the fact it had feminist dialogue within the constraints of a religious sect was never touched on our questioned.
  • A film that needed to be made, and one with a huge moral heart.
  • Great cast but I must say I found it a bit slow and would have liked a bit more development of characters and more variety – other dimensions, more humour etc. Also perhaps a few more decent male characters. They can’t all have been wife beaters except one.
  • A disappointingly single premise supported with excellent acting and filming.
  • The acting was very good but I found the film boring in large parts. I certainly didn’t find the film “gripping” as described in the flyer, epitomised by all the women meekly accepting the decision at the end.
  • Narratively one-paced and at times plodding. More might have been made of the material.
  • It felt like a filmed play – stagey, stilted, and everyone uttering perfectly rounded sentences. We are used to films being much more naturalistic these days. The script is wooden, but the actors do their best. I am not quite sure why the film-makers felt it necessary to change the actual events and outcome. I also found the mannered semi-coloured almost black and white stock really irritating – a signal that “this is an art film”. Americans just don’t know how to make serious films without hitting us over the head with their virtue signalling. Come back the great Europeans – Wim Wenders, Herzog, Fassbinder, Truffaut, Shane Meadows, etc. Or better yet, Kurosawa, Ozu, even Beat Takeshi.
  • A film that lacked any credibility with some very good actors poorly used.