The Eclectic Cinema is showing M in the Cheltenham Playhouse

(15 April 2024 in the Cheltenham Playhouse at 19.30)

Directed by: Fritz Lang | Germany | 1931 | PG | 117 mins | Trailer
Starring: Peter Lorre, Ellen Widman, Inge Landgut.

Following our recent screening of Fritz Lang’s silent masterpiece Metropolis, we are now screening his other best-known film from the same period. In lists of the greatest films of all time, M makes regular appearances. Of his own films, it was one of Lang’s favourites. It is a film with a film-noir style and many arresting images. The story is set in Berlin where a child-murderer is on the loose. The police are not doing well in bringing the serial killer to justice. People fear for their loved-ones. Regarded as such a heinous crime, the city’s criminal underworld becomes involved to augment the so-far failed efforts of officialdom.