What you thought of Julieta

An excellent start to the season with Almodóvar’s Julieta, which scored 84.11 per cent on our appreciation index.

Some comments:

  • “A brilliant start to the new season.”
  • “Lovely, emotionally rich film.”
  • “A very sensual film. Brilliant.”
  • “Almodóvar at his mature best.”
  • “So colourful. Beautifully filmed. Great story.”
  • “Riveting!”
  • “Splendid.”

The short film, Rhonna and Donna, was also well liked, scoring 79.59 per cent.

  • “Exceptionally good!”
  • “Very original.”
  • “Loved this. Such fun!”
  • “Amazed they managed to portray a close relationship so quickly to the audience.”

We should add that this was not a student film. It came from the Aesthetica Film Festival in York, where its writer Daina O. Pusić won the best screenplay award. She is a Croatian-born writer and director who graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb and London Film School. She is currently developing her first feature as well as a TV comedy series.