WOW Wales One World Film Festival

WOW Wales One World Film Festival are returning this September with ECOSINEMA, that runs at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from Thursday 16 September to Saturday 18. Then online UK-wide from Sunday 19 September to Sunday 26.

This year’s ECOSINEMA theme is ‘Reflecting on Water’, an opportunity to dive more deeply into a series of films and events that reveal the different ways water touches the lives of people around the world, and to inspire audiences to cherish the rivers and seas that sustain us all. Their programme includes a selection of films and events that do not only connect with water but are a breath of fresh air and offer a different perspective towards our relationships with ourselves, our community, and the environment.

Their vision is to make cinema accessible for all so they are offering the online films and events entirely for free, with donations more than welcome.

More information about the programme can be found on their website here.