Your response to Tangerines

An amazing appreciation rating of 94.97 per cent for Tangerines, making it our highest-scoring film since 2013.

Some comments:

  • “A slow burner but worth waiting for the end.”
  • “Fantastic, beautiful film beginning to end. Wonderful characters; understated acting.”
  • “A simple story so beautifully told.”
  • “Great film, tender yet poignant – well shot.”
  • “Great anti-war film.”
  • “Realism prevailed (unfortunately) but decency almost made it.”
  • “Amazing film. So captivating I barely blinked throughout the whole film. Gripping; very cleverly done.”
  • “Marvellous film. Shows how pointless war is.”
  • “Very moving; such good character studies.”
  • “Different and great choice.”
  • “An excellent essay on the troubles of war.”
  • “Superb.”
  • “This film alone was worth belonging to CFS.”
  • “Interesting insight into Georgia; soul searching story.”
  • “Thought provoking – terrific.”