Your response to The Phantom of the Opera

A warm response to The Phantom of the Opera, and especially Minima’s music. The overall score was 80.32 per cent. There was some concern that the music was too loud and we will bear that in mind for next time.

Some comments:

  • “Brilliant music again – get them back next year?”
  • “Delighted that you occasionally show these silent movies, and much enjoyed Minima.”
  • “Thank you so much for screening this classic. Real treat! Music excellent as well.”
  • “Loved Minima, they were superb. The film was also excellent.”
  • “Good combination of live music with the film. Entertaining and amazing for the 1920s.”
  • “Music and film very refreshing.”
  • “The music made it.”
  • “Highly entertaining, superb musicians.”
  • “So very different – BRILL!”
  • “Enthralling, despite the curiously silly plot.”
  • “A great experience, if a little on the loud side.”
  • “Brilliant as the accompaniment was, I found it a little too loud. Very dramatic!”
  • “The music really highlighted the drama.”
  • “Minima were excellent. Interesting to see early Technicolor”
  • “Entertaining, atmospheric, thrilling.”
  • “Too many swooning actresses!”
  • “I think maybe these films should remain history. The band did well.”
  • “A masterpiece ruined by the totally excessive volume of the accompaniment.”