Your thoughts on Behemoth

A strong score of 78.87 per cent for Behemoth, despite its disturbing subject-matter.

Some comments:

  • “Bleak and terrible, shaming and wonderful.”
  • “Brilliant film/cinema. Amazing photography, excellent soundtrack, hard-hitting editing. Good choice!”
  • “Shocking but salutary lessons of effects of globalisation and progress.”
  • “Very hard to watch and terrible that they can get away with it.”
  • “Difficult to watch. Such a dreadful life for the poor people.”
  • “Beautiful cinematics. Wonderful insight into another world, although bleak and depressing.”
  • “A beautifully horrific vision of hell.”
  • “A brave film to make.”
  • “Devastatingly brutal. Excellent camerawork. Would have liked more context earlier in film.”
  • “Overwhelming on cinematic screen – but made it more powerful.”
  • “A tough watch; just a bit too slow, though.”
  • “Harrowing but glad I’ve seen it.”
  • “How lucky we are!”
  • “Excellent filming, but so grim and too long.”

Meanwhile, Elders, the short film, achieved the rare feat of outscoring the main feature, with an 85.2 per cent score for its delightful insight into British Asian life.

Your thoughts:

  • “Very touching and life enhancing.”
  • “Restores faith in true love.”
  • “Uplifting.”
  • “Fascinating and touching film of extended family.”
  • “Joyous!”
  • “Poignant and lovely.”
  • “Amazing film.”
  • “A lovely homage to Bradford/Punjabi family life!”
  • “Marred by cliched music; could learn from Behemoth on that score.”