Your thoughts on Embrace of the Serpent

Embrace of the Serpent earned a respectable 78.29 per cent appreciation score last night.

Some comments:

  • “Fascinating. Thank you.”
  • “Very different. So glad I came tonight.”
  • “Very interesting. Stunning visual enhanced by black and white.”
  • “Wonderful insight into the Amazon. Hallucinogenic scenes were a little corny and didn’t add to the film.”
  • “Magical! Stunning!”
  • “Fascinating.”
  • “Beautiful, disturbing.”
  • “A difficult film, amazing cinematography, worth the trip.”
  • “Very absorbing and unusual and thought provoking.”
  • “A different world.”
  • “But a bit too long for these seats.”
  • “A bit slow at times”.
  • “Devoid of emotion and tortuously slow.”
  • “Have to be honest – just beyond me!”