Your thoughts on The Innocents

Considerable acclaim for The Innocents, which we screened on 14 November. It earned an appreciation score of 88.09 per cent and lots of enthusiastic comments.

A selection of your reviews:

  • “Best film so far.”
  • “Riveting. Haunting. Questions of faith and solitude and togetherness in such an extreme environment.”
  • “Beautifully shot/composed, great framing, lovely palette and good story/acting. Very good!”
  • “Poignant. Beautiful cinematography.”
  • “Wonderful film. Very moving. Very powerful. Brilliant lighting.”
  • “Very powerful film, well made.”
  • “Harrowing and deeply moving. Does the orphanage still exist?”
  • “Superb casting: many fantastic supporting roles. Rather idealistic ending.”
  • “Superb performances; tremendous film.”
  • “A difficult theme, but presented believably.”
  • “Very informative and uplifting.”
  • “Much enjoyed. I had expected something much grimmer!”
  • “An amazing story – very tearful.”
  • “Devastating.”
  • “We haven’t had enough nuns lately. A welcome return to form.”
  • “Beautiful film, thought provoking, but the ending too optimistic.”
  • “A relentlessly harrowing examination of the the absolute absurdity of ‘faith’.”
  • “Possibly the worst I’ve seen here. Bleak, clunky, unconvincing and needlessly pretentious. Impossible to invest emotionally.”

Well, you can’t please everybody.

Meanwhile, the animated short, Mr Madila, did very well, with a score of 81.04 per cent.

  • “Best one yet!”
  • “Quirky and thought-provoking. Good choice!”
  • “Brilliantly creative. Loved it!”
  • “Really original and delightful!”
  • “Short, simple, brilliant.”
  • “Good to see a different format.”
  • “Refreshingly different.”
  • “Amusing, well-organised, effective message.”
  • “Charmingly silly.”
  • “Weird”
  • “Not necessary – too long.”
  • “Beyond me!”

If anyone had problems catching some of the dialogue, or just wants to see it again, the film is available to view on Vimeo.