Reactions to Broker

Broker achieved an overall appreciation score of 77%. Many members enjoyed the humour and warmth detailing a difficult subject; while others found the film dull, overly long and unrealistic.  Some of the comments submitted:

  • A difficult subject done with style and warmth. Loved the way all the different characters were knitted  together whilst giving us the back stories for each of them.
  • Another amazing Song Kang-ho led film after Parasite, like any great actor he has the ability to just draw you in. It goes to show you are able to take a serious subject and make a feel good film out of it, something many directors wouldn’t dare try.
  • A very moving and touching film that tugged on the heartstrings while not seeming to be soppy or unrealistic.
  • I like these sorts of films. Poignant and funny is a great mix. More of these please.
  • Loved to follow the changes in thoughts going on with each of the characters, and a very satisfying ending.
  • This complicated, rambling, equivocal tale is engaging and enraging in equal measure. The moral ambiguity permeating every character and action is enthralling and humane. There are loose ends and unresolved oddness’s galore – even the underlying premise is a bit dodgy. But the struggles between what is right and what is expedient are never exaggerated, and always have the ring of truth. It is also rather beautiful to look at – beguilingly contrary.
  • A little sentimental but showed how good people can do ‘bad’ things! Loved the characters.
  • Beautifully shot with lovely soundtrack and wonderful acting. Possibly too much going on with diverse characters and plots and dialogue initially choppy and random. The central story was very moving.
  • Fascinating but complicated; at times unable to follow the action.
  • It was good to have some humour in a CFS film.
  • A bit slow. 30 minutes too long.
  • I enjoyed the down-to-earth characters and the humour, and the fascinating urban and coastal locations. However the film as a whole felt long-winded, unfocussed and dull.
  • So boring. It went on and on and I couldn’t see where it was going. A strange and disjointed group of characters. A sweet ending, but the journey there was odd.
  • Some fine parts e.g. the personality of the younger ‘son’- the car wash scene was particularly moving, but the film was too implausible and also lapsed into sentimentality. A rare miss for this excellent director.
  • The film was both confused within itself and confusing to an audience. The plot was not realistic and the finale was not clear.
  • Very dull and time dragged. The film would have benefitted from several scene cuts. Scenes involving the two policewomen were dreadfully boring.